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What can pharma companies do to ensure that clinical trials are conducted in the most efficient and patient-centric manner?

Clinical trials are integral to the drug development process. Yet, they are still affected by long-standing challenges, including poor recruitment and retention, the use of paper-based systems, and siloes among participating stakeholders. Though many in the industry agree that something must be done to address these challenges, practical steps are necessary to see real and lasting change.

The Medicine Maker brought together an expert panel to discuss the challenges affecting clinical and what can be done to make a difference.

Watch our video to learn more about the trends and challenges affecting clinical trials, including the growing prevalence of digital and decentralized trials, COVID-19 induced supply chain issues, and the impact the war on Ukraine is having on trials.


Georg Schulz, EVP of Clinical Services & Senior Director of Corporate Development at Tanner Pharma Group, a global provider of pharmaceutical solutions.

Georg has more than 25 years of senior executive experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He has a proven track record in strategy design and execution, organizational development, supply chain management, international air and sea transport, and cold chain management for pharmaceutical products.

Dave Hanaman, President, Co-founder, and Chief Commercial Officer at Curavit

Dave co-launched Curavit over two years ago. He has spent more than a decade as an intelligence officer in the US Navy and was co-founder and director for 22 years of C3i, a global healthcare technology company, until it was sold.

Claire Marsden, VP, Digital and Decentralised Solutions at Medable

Claire has worked in the industry for over 25 years. She has worked across all phases of clinical development in companies including GSK, Pfizer, Novartis, Bayer Alnylam, and IQVIA.

Andrea Valente, Chef Executive Officer at ClinOne

With over 20 years of industry experience, Andrea joined ClinOne after serving as Chief Operating Officer at Medable. She has an extensive background in life sciences technology product development, delivery operations, customer loyalty, and merger and acquisition strategy.

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