Curavit clinical research is a virtual contract research organization (VCRO) that designs and executes Decentralized Clinical Trials

Founded in 2019 by industry veterans with three decades’ experience at the intersection of clinical research and digital technology, Curavit is purpose-built to deliver the future of clinical research to innovative clients in biotech, academic research, and digital therapeutics.

Curavit designs digitally-native trials

To realize the potential of decentralized clinical trials, Curavit teams up with leading researchers – experts in their fields – to build protocols from digital first principles. Our sponsors benefit from Curavit’s deep understanding of digital endpoints, remote data collection, the capabilities and limitations of technology, the unique logistical challenges of DCTs, and which therapeutic areas do – and don’t – lend themselves to decentralization.

Curavit delivers trials through a proprietary, industry-proven platform

Curavits’ DCT platform is the manifestation of our expertise. It is a HIPAA-compliant, purpose-built stack of validated and industry-proven technology, uniquely configured by our team to execute DCTs in partnership with our clients.

Curavit has a flexible engagement model that scales based on our sponsors' needs.

Curavit delivers success to our clients, one study at a time. We sell results, not software. As a full-service CRO, our clients can take advantage of our entire platform stack, or just what they need for a particular study. We partner with all leading DCT software companies and can integrate with their technology. We scale – up and down – to help our clients succeed, one study at a time.

Our Services

  • Consent & Enrollment

    Curavit utilizes digital consent and enrollment of subjects embedded in its platform.
  • Direct-to-Patient Logistics

    Curavit coordinates all of the complex logistics required to run a fully decentralized trial.
  • Remote Monitoring

    Curavit’s central site supports 100% remote based monitoring.
  • Clinical Oversight

    Curavit clinical study teams monitor the trial data in real time to ensure patient safety, protocol adherence and patient retention. incorporates digital consent, telehealth, and remote data capture technologies.
  • Data & Intelligence

    Curavit data management team will create the statistical plan and provide full data analysis for the final study report.
  • Regulatory

    Curavit will manage the central IRB and other necessary regulatory requirements.
  • Study Design

    Curavit works with world-class principal investigators, to identify endpoints and create protocols from “first principles”, to design studies that are digitally native.
  • Patient Recruitment

    Through social channels and electronic health records, Curavit recruits participants from the 97% of potential participants who are traditionally excluded from clinical research, including ethnically and socio-economically underserved and underrepresented populations.

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