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September 29, 2021

Decentralized trials and research alliance

There’s more than one way to architect a decentralized clinical trial (DCT). While this flexible model has many benefits, it can be overwhelming to bring together all the right elements to operationalize a trial that’s predominantly digital. Every trial is unique, so it is not realistic to templatize (impose a standard implementation template on) a DCT. But four common, fundamental components combine to facilitate a seamless, patient-centric DCT.
“It’s like a trial in a box, but each box is a little bit different,” said Steve Rosenberg, CEO of a cloud-based platform company that powers decentralized clinical trials. Even with a DCT’s inherent optionality, foundational components can ease implementation and improve execution.

BOSTON— Sept.29, 2021 — Curavit Clinical Research, a virtual contract research organization (VCRO) that designs and executes decentralized clinical trials (DCTs), announced today the appointments of Jay Collier, as chief operating officer (COO), and Candice Del Rio, as director of clinical operations. The company also expanded its sales team with the hiring of industry veterans, Chris O’Shaughnessy, as vice president of business development, as well as Troy Hall and Bill Dreyer, as directors of business development. The expansion comes as DCTs continue their steady growth, punctuated by Curavit’s doubling its revenue since 2020.

Curavit continues to disrupt clinical research by enabling digitally native DCTs that expand trial access to previously underserved patients while improving patient participation, data quality, and research speed.

Jay Collier brings more than 20 years of operational experience serving global clients in life sciences and clinical research. In his role as COO, he will manage all aspects of service delivery for Curavit’s clients.  Prior to joining Curavit, Collier served in various leadership positions, most recently senior vice president of U.S. operations at C3i Solutions, a global leader in healthcare technology services. C3i was also founded by Curavit’s co-founders, Joel Morse and Dave Hannaman, who sold the company to a Fortune Global 500 company in 2018. Before C3i, Collier served in various director-level roles at Nextel.

“Having worked with Joel and Dave for nearly 20 years at their previous company, I’m excited to join Curavit to help build another successful venture that will streamline the clinical trial process with advanced technology, and essentially improve global health and save lives,” said Collier. “This is a huge opportunity to make a meaningful difference in clinical research for years to come.”

Candice Del Rio, Curavit’s new director of clinical operations, has more than 12 years of clinical research experience in academic , clinical, and industry settings. Prior to joining Curavit, she worked at Massachusetts General Hospital as a clinical research nurse and an oncology/hematology nurse for over a decade. She will bring her in-depth experience in the areas of clinical trial development, patient recruitment and retention, and process improvement to manage projects and ensure customer success.

In addition, Curavit welcomes Chris O’Shaughnessy, as vice president of business development, who also comes from C3i Solutions; Bill Dreyer, as director of business development, previously manager of business development for EPL Archives, Inc.; and Troy Hall, as director of business development, who last served as a cardiovascular institutional specialist at Johnson & Johnson.

“It’s an exciting time at Curavit as we grow along with the rapid evolution and adoption of decentralized clinical research,” said Joel Morse, co-founder and CEO of Curavit. “We are taking it to the next level and our new team members will bring their collective expertise to help drive innovation and customer satisfaction, while delivering our scalable and purpose built clinical trial platform to our clients.”

In other news today, Curavit announces its membership into the Decentralized Trials and Research Alliance (DTRA). The DTRA includes 100 organizational members who represent the diverse ecosystem needed for the adoption of decentralized research methods, including sponsors, regulatory authorities, patient advocacy groups, contract resource organizations, technology companies, investigator sites, and other key stakeholders.

About Curavit

Curavit Clinical Research is a virtual contract research organization (VCRO) that designs and executes Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCTs). Founded by experts with decades of experience in technology and clinical research, Curavit leverages emerging technologies in digital health, cloud computing, and data science to recruit, engage, and monitor diverse patient populations without borders, minimizing the need for physical infrastructure and travel while increasing data quality. Curavit brings together the world’s leading researchers, enrolls previously untapped and underserved patient populations, and applies machine learning to health and social engagement information to recruit participants. Current clients include Frequency Therapeutics, Beech Tree Laboratories, Brown University, and Boston Medical Center. For more information, visit

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