Decentralized Clinical Trial Platform

The Curavit DCT Platform is the digital manifestation of our decentralized clinical trial services. From operations, through data collection, to patient experience, our proprietary platform manages every aspect of your trial and provides insight into your data. Our platform, reflects our expert processes, is built from industry-leading technology, configured for each trial, deployed to each patient, and available in real time to our sponsors.

Curavit's DCT Platform


Integrate-able Software and Components

Validated, HIPAA Compliant

Validated, HIPAA Compliant, and Always Audit Ready

Built on proven software from our world-class technology partners, and configured by our expert DCT clinical operations team for each trial, our platform is built on validated technology, reflects our HIPAA-compliant processes, and is always audit-ready.

We sell success, not software.

Our services are delivered through our DCT Platform. Our clients have access to whatever functionality they need for each trial, and can scale up, or down, depending on their needs. We deliver decentralized clinical solutions.

We integrate with all leading clinical and DCT software.

Do you have a preferred DCT software vendor? Gotten used to a specific tele-medicine application? Have you invested in your own EDC software? No problem; Curavit’s DCT Platform integrates with all leading tele-, DCT-, and clinical-software.