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Decentralized Clinical Trial Execution

Our Decentralized trial model means Curavit is not tied to any specific geography.  We focus on patient populations across geographies and enroll patients that historically have not had access to clinical trials. 

To recruit this patient population, we partner with Medical Group Practices and other health-related entities that historically have not participated in clinical research.  Curavit enables these entities to take advantage of the benefits clinical trials provide without having to manage the actual trials.  Together we recruit their patients for trials.

Once patients are enrolled, we engage with the trial subjects via our tele-health solution. This enables the patients to participate from the comfort of their homes.  

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Learn how Curavit can dramatically change the dynamic of enrolling patients and executing Decentralized clinical trials. 

Sponsors and Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) are engaging with Curavit as a key "go-to" site for all their trials.