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1nHealth and Curavit surpass expectations by nearly 3x, enrolling 50 patients in Lark DTx trial in 10 days

October 4, 2022


There’s more than one way to architect a decentralized clinical trial (DCT). While this flexible model has many benefits, it can be overwhelming to bring together all the right elements to operationalize a trial that’s predominantly digital. Every trial is unique, so it is not realistic to templatize (impose a standard implementation template on) a DCT. But four common, fundamental components combine to facilitate a seamless, patient-centric DCT.
“It’s like a trial in a box, but each box is a little bit different,” said Steve Rosenberg, CEO of a cloud-based platform company that powers decentralized clinical trials. Even with a DCT’s inherent optionality, foundational components can ease implementation and improve execution.

BOSTONOct. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Curavit Clinical Research, a virtual contract research organization (VCRO), announced that it is partnering with 1nHealth, a patient recruitment provider, to speed patient recruitment digitally for decentralized clinical trials (DCTs). 1nHealth integrates with Curavit’s DCT platform, speeding trial enrollment and improving retention. Curavit and 1nHealth’s first collaboration is for Lark Health’s trial of an investigational digital therapeutic (DTx) for chronic cardiovascular disease.

Lark’s Heart Health program is designed to help patients manage cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors and reduce the rate of future cardiovascular diseases or events. The smartphone-based program uses conversational AI, connected devices, and remote patient monitoring to activate and engage patients by addressing CVD risk factors such as diet, exercise, and tobacco use.

“We are excited to partner with Curavit to improve patient recruitment by simplifying participant identification and enrollment through digital channels,” said  Dan Brenner, founder and CEO of 1nHealth. “As a technology-first company, we are closely aligned with Curavit’s mission to bring trials to patients in the cloud. Our partnership will drive faster enrollments and more inclusive trial participation.”

Through targeted ads on key digital media channels (i.e., Google, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram), 1nHealth recruited qualified patients for Lark’s Heart Health trial, surpassing sponsor expectations. In addition, nearly 40% of patients who clicked on an ad went on to complete the pre-screen form. Beyond the early successful 10-day enrollment drive, Curavit and 1nHealth have successfully recruited, consented, and enrolled a total of 150 patients in impressive time.

“During the initial phase of our Heart Health program, we heavily relied on our ability to engage with the right patient, at the right time – not only to track progress but also to ensure the greatest impact on each participant,” said Dr. OraLee Branch, director of clinical studies at Lark Health. “Curavit and 1nHealth’s innovative methods of engaging patients helped us reach our goal. Plus, their fast patient enrollment supports our mission to help patients predisposed to a life-threatening condition or illness.”

Patient recruitment has been a long-time challenge for clinical trials. Globally, 90% clinical trials are delayed due to insufficient patient enrollment. As a result, timelines are typically extended to nearly double their original duration to meet desired enrollment levels. In contrast, 1nHealth enrolls 90% of trials on time using highly targeted, all-digital methods. Together, Curavit and 1nHealth are working to overcome recruitment challenges and help usher in the next generation of decentralized clinical trials.

“COVID-19 initially forced the life sciences industry to try a decentralized approach, and now the indisputable success of DCTs will drive the industry to make it the norm for the foreseeable future,” said Dave Hanaman, co-founder and chief commercial officer at Curavit. “Industry vanguards like 1nHealth bring the kind of innovative tools and thinking that will help speed new therapies to more patients. It’s exciting.”

Lark’s Heart Health program will be commercially available in early Q1 2023. To learn more about Lark and its suite of chronic condition prevention and management programs, please visit them online at

About Curavit

Curavit Clinical Research is a full-service, virtual contract research organization (VCRO), focused on designing and executing digital-first decentralized clinical trials (DCTs). Founded in 2020 by experts with decades of experience in technology and clinical research, Curavit leverages emerging technologies in digital health, cloud computing, and data science to recruit, engage, and monitor diverse patient populations without borders, ultimately bringing trials to patients in the cloud. Curavit’s digital-first DCTs improve timelines, reduce costs, yield real-world data, and increase patient access for therapies more effective across representative populations. Visit

About 1nHealth

1nHealth fills studies faster by using novel methodologies to deliver high-performing ads across all digital channels. 1nHealth uses AI to help find patients who are simply being missed by other recruitment vendors. 1nHealth works with top CROs, Pharma companies and most of the leading DCT providers, as well as across 40+ TAs, delivering full enrollment for site-based, hybrid, and fully decentralized studies. Visit

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