Clinical Trial Solutions for Medical Practices

Curavit Understands

You want to provide your patients with access to potentially important healthcare solutions that can be realized through participation in clinical trials. We understand that taking on the full management of clinical trials may not be a realistic option.   Therefore, we created solutions to help researchers and medical practices complete meaningful clinical trials.

Curavit Solution

Curavit is a full service Decentralized clinical trial company. Working with Sponsors and CROs, we select clinical trials that your practice can then offer to your patients.  When you confirm you want to offer a specific trial, we work directly with you to identify those patients who would benefit the most from participating in that clinical trial.  Once identifed, we take on the full responsibility for patient consent through trial execution and study close out.

Benefits for Your Practice

You will be able to provide your patients with access to important clinical trials without taking on the operational burden or financial risks.  The patient relationship remains with your practice and we provide you with the full medical results for all of your participating patients. Finally, your practice receives appropriate compensation for the recruitment efforts.